Buddhist Pilgrimage Places
Buddhist Pilgrimage Places

The most important places of pilgrimage in Buddhism are located in the Gangetic plains of Northern India and Southern Nepal, in the area between (New Delhi)and (Rajgir). This is the area where Gautama Buddha lived and taught, and the main sites connected to his life are now important places of pilgrimage for both Buddhists and Hindus. However, many countries that are or were predominantly Buddhist have shrines and places which can be visited as a pilgrimage.

Barabar Hills: Where the Buddhist Emperor Asoka built caves for the Ajivakas
Bodh Gaya: Where Prince Siddhartha attained Enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree
Champanagar: Scene of several important discourses by the Buddha
Don: Where the Brahmin Dona built his stupa
Gaya: Where the Buddha preached his famous Fire Sermon
Ghosrawan: Where there is a huge statue of the Buddha
Gurpa: The mountain where Mahakassapa waits for Maitreya
Hajipur: Where Ananda's ashes were enshrined
Indasala Cave: Where Sakka came to ask the Buddha his eight questions
Jethian: Where the Buddha and King Bimbasara first met
Kapilavatthu: The town where Prince Siddhartha grew up
Kesariya: Where the Buddha taught the famous Kalama Sutta
Kosambi: Scene of important events in the Buddha's career
Kurkihar: The site of an ancient Buddhist monastery
Kusinara: Where the Buddha attained Parinivana
Lauriya Nandangar: Where Emperor Asoka raised a great pillar
Lumbini: The garden where Prince Siddhartha was born
Mathura: Visited by the Buddha and great centre of Buddhist art
Nalanda: Visited by the Buddha & site of the great Buddhist university
Patna: Visited by the Buddha and scene of the Third Buddhist CouncilM
Prabhosa: The hill where the Buddha spent his sixth rains retreat
Pragbodhi: The mountain where Prince Siddhartha practised austerities
Rajgir: The scene of many important events in the Buddha's career
Sankassya: Where legend says Buddha descended from Tusita Heaven,
Sarnath: The deer park where Buddha preached his first two discourses
Savatthi: The city where the Buddha spent his last twenty years
Vaishali: Scene of many important events in the Buddha's career
Vikramasila: The great university of Tantric Buddhism