Kushinagar Temple

Kushinagar, the seat of Mallas Dynasty, also known as Kushinara, is situated 56 kms from Gorakhpur city in Uttar Pradesh. In Kushinagar, after teaching Dhamma for 45 yrs, Lord Buddha entered into Mahaparinirvana (passed away) under a sala tree at the age of 80 yrs on full moon day. It is here Lord Buddha announced the four holy places to be visited by every Buddhist pilgrim that is Lumbini- Birth place, Bodhgaya- Enlightenment place, Sarnath- First Sermon place & Kushinagar- Mahaparinirvana place.
It is here in Kushinagar after his entring into Mahaparinirvana his body was cremated and the ashes (remains) were divided into eight parts and distributed among eight claimants who enshrined the remains in their kingdoms and built STUPAS

The world's tallest statue of Lord Buddha is in the Planning Stage in Kushinagar,India, the place where the Buddha died 25 centuries ago.This statue will at least 1.7 times taller than the Statue of Liberty of US. Statue of Liberty is 305ft. (93mts) tall while the Buddha statnd at 499 fts (152 mts).
Statue is named as Maitreya Buddha" means the "Buddha of the future", Symbol of Love & Kindness, Peace.

The Structure
The structure will be developed through computer models. approximately 6,000 Bronze Panels with weigth 2,700 Tons is supposed to be used while designing the whole structure.

The two Huge Prayer Halls will also be accomodated in this 17 Storey Tall plateform.