Buddha Temple in Lumbini

Lumbini located in foothill of Himalaya in Nepal 22 Kms from India border where Lord Buddha born on full moon day under Sala tree, 2600 yrs ago to the Queen Mayadevi and King Suddodhana of Sakyan Dynasty. This newly born Prince named Siddhartha had supernatural birth & signs, which indicated that the new born child will bring deliverance to the world.Ascetic (Rishis) warned the king that the boy might renounce the world anytime if he happen to come across: (1). The diseased, (2). The old man, (3). The dead body & (4). The ascetic.
The king alarmed to hear this and married Prince Siddhartha at an early age and almost imprisoned him in pleasure palaces providing therein all kinds of enjoyments.

An upcoming Thai Monastery near Lumbini Garden with support of Royal Thai Embassy Nepal managed by Thai monks.

An upcoming Vietnamise Monastery near Lumbini Garden managed by Vietnamise monks.

An upcoming Korean Monastery near Lumbini Garden managed by Korean monks.