Pilak is situated in the state of Tripura, surrounded by flourishing green valley speckled with paddy fields. It lies at a distance of approximately 100 km from the capital city of Agartala. The city is sparsely populated and serves as the gateway to the rich bygone era of the state. Pilak is significant as a pilgrim destination in India, from both Hinduism as well as Buddhism point of view. One of the major attractions of the city are the archaeological remains found here, which date back to somewhere around eighth and ninth century AD.

One can find some of the most exquisite Hindu and Buddhist sculptures at Pilak in Tripura. The relics unearthed at Pilak include terracotta plaques, sealing with Stupa, huge stone images of Avalokiteshvara and Narasimha, etc. The plaques and the sealing signify survival of heterodox creeds and sects representing both Hinduism as well as Buddhism.

How to reach Pilak

By Air : The nearest airport is that of Agartala.

By Rail : The nearest rail station is at Kumarghat.

By Road : There are regular bus services between Agartala and Julaibari. From Julaibari, you can take an auto to reach Pilak.