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This city of Champa has recurrently found a place in the ancient Indian literature as a capital of the Champanagar kingdom of Anga and as ruled by King Karna of Mahabharata. Champanagar in Bihar is considered as a sacred place by the Jains and according to Jain tradition they believe that Jain Tirthankara Vasupujya was born here and according to Kalpa – Sutra Champa Tirthankara Mahavira stayed here for three rainy seasons in the time of his religious wanderings.

Champanagar is situated at a distance of 220 km from the capital city of Patna in the Bhagalpur district of Bihar. This place gets its name from the numerous champak trees that grow here. This is a significant Buddhist site as Lord Buddha visited this place several times and delivered many sermons and discourses here like the Kandaraka Sutta (from The Middle Length Discourses), the Sonadanda Sutta (from The Long Discourses) among many others.

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The attractions here in Champanagar include a tank called Gaggara's Lotus Lake, renowned forbeautiful lotuses that grow and thrive here. A furrow of champaka tress on the banks is also a calm and soothing place and is known to be a favorite Champanagar spot of Buddha. This place also houses a huge magnificent water body called Sarovana Talab. When this lake was cleaned in 1900's, several Buddha statues were found here.

This Buddhist site in India attracts people from all over, those in need of peace and tranquility and those who want to soak in the rich cultural heritage of this soothing place. Visitors can take in the beautiful surroundings and learn about the past that captivates everybody paying a visit here.

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